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Snowflakes and Sunflowers children's socks inject the fun back into everyday essentials. The high quality of our product keeps parents happy, while the imaginative and lively designs appeal to the little ones. By playing around with colours, patterns and designs, we have created a range which stands out and brings an element of fun and creativity to your daily routine. Our socks will stay on your child's feet and the anti-slip sole means kids can explore and play without any worries.

Snowflakes and Sunflowers provide designs for every season, all developed with the child's comfort and happiness in mind. Our left-to-right storytelling designs are among our most popular and are unique in the way they create an image across both feet. Whether you are buying them as a gift, or just stocking up on wardrobe essentials, Snowflakes and Sunflowers have designs to inspire and reflect the carefree nature of childhood.

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April 3rd, 2015 Secret Style File

"I would definitely recommend Snowflakes and Sunflowers when you’re next on the hunt for socks, the designs are too cute to miss ♥"♥-snowflakes-sunflowers/

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